We are hiring an independent consultant to evaluate project’s livelihood activities

NESFAS is hiring an independent consultant to evaluate its project intervention in terms of increased income of the participating communities under the project “No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative: Biodiversity for Food, Nutrition and Energy Security for 3000 Households in Meghalaya and Nagaland, North East India” supported by Rural Electrification Foundation.

Last date of application: 23rd April,2021 (Before 5 PM)

Background: The North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) is undertaking the project “No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative: Biodiversity for Food, Nutrition and Energy Security for 3000 Households in Meghalaya and Nagaland, North East India” supported by Rural Electrification Foundation, New Delhi. For evaluating the livelihood interventions, NESFAS invites interested candidates to carry out this task which will include data collection, analysis and report writing for the same.

Objectives: NESFAS seeks to hire an experienced consultant to independently assess the impact of project interventions aiming to increase income of the participating communities. The consultant needs to design adequate methodology using SMARTE principles, implement the methodology by conducting the impact survey, and come up with evidence-based findings building and drawing lessons for NESFAS to consider for future use. The consultant will be provided with the relevant oral and project monitoring reports to review and use for designing the methodology for the final evaluation by this consultancy. The Consultant will be expected to conduct the survey in a participatory way where the views of communities are also taken into account and reviewed to ensure that the evidence so collected is based on local, traditional and scientific knowledge.

Any consultant who is selected for the position will have to design methodology and implement the survey and analysis to answer the following questions and project objectives:

  1. What are the interventions promoted to enhance the livelihood of the participating communities during the project period?
  2. Have those interventions helped in enhancing the income of the participating communities especially the targeted groups?
  3. Has the average income of the community especially the targeted groups improved from the period when project was initiated?
  4. Is the income of the targeted groups better compared to those who are not direct beneficiary of the interventions?

Expected deliverables:

  • A Report that reviews the existing reports from the baseline and mid-term survey that identifies lessons learned;
  • Conduct case studies to show the impact of interventions.
  • Development of a suitable methodology for assessing the impact of project intervention on livelihoods  promoted by the project as per the objectives specified;
  • To be willing to capacitate NESFAS staff to make use of the methodology in future.
  • A Report on the Study that makes good and sound analysis of the data and other evidence collected through field surveys or dialogue with community members.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Master’s Degree in Economics or allied subjects. 
  • Having experience with project monitoring and evaluation (measurable indicators/quantitative or mixed method approach, causal attribution and research design for impact assessment such as baseline-endline, experimental design, or quasi-experimental design);
  • Skilled writer able to deliver report of good standard in time.
  • Ability to ensure that the assignment is undertaken with the prior and informed consent of participating communities and is as participatory in nature as possible.
  • We welcome applications by independent individual consultants, consultant teams or organizations.

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: 2 Months 
  • A fee will be paid based on NESFAS project policy and the timely delivery of satisfactory outputs.

How to apply?

Interested candidates can mail their CV at info.nesfas@gmail.com on or before 23rd April,2021 (Before 5 PM)

  • For more information contact +91-6009142823 or +91-9163644665 or write to nesfas@gmail.com




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