We Are Hiring! Content Writer-Intern

NESFAS is Hiring

We are hiring!

The intern will help provide support for activities relating to communications. He/She will help generate content (articles, write-ups, features, etc) for the NESFAS website. He/She will also help edit additional content of the website.

Number of posts available: 1

Skills: 1. Copy writing
              2. Content creation (Minimum of 1 article per week)
             3. Reporting
             4. Editing articles
             5. Internet communication and searching skills
             6. Social media skills
Interested candidates should email:
1. CV/Resume
2. Their areas of interest
3. A short essay in English (150-250 words) outlining their reasons for doing an internship
*The selected candidate shall be given a monthly remuneration
Interested candidates can connect with us at infonesfas@gmail.com or contact: +91-9163644665 (Between 10 am – 5 pm)



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