Women and Youth empowerment as Changemakers

Ki Samla ka Nohron: Ki bor ban ialeh pyrshah ia u COVID-19

“We grow our crops’ ‘ The students of Umsawwar School started planting in their school garden. 20 types of food crops were planted yesterday.

Cleaning drive organised at Umwang Nongbah, Ri-Bhoi, with the help of the community members and students of BSW of Martin Luther Christian University

Healthy Today, Secure Tomorrow! nutritional and WASH campaigns in Umwang Them, Ri-Bhoi, facilitated with the help of BSW students Martin Luther Christian University

GIZ programme on “Enhancing nutritional diversity as a means of supplementing the mid-day meals of primary school children using local resources” continues in Mawmihthied, East Khasi Hills. programme through their presence

Students of Nongprut RCLP School, Nongprut, West Khasi Hills, started planting in their school garden

Megongre community, West Garo Hills, kick-starts with the nutritional and WASH campaign

Mei-Ramew Culinary Competition for Youth

Wall paintings with the children of Subakalai SSA School and RCUP School of Laitsohpliah community

The Mei-Ramew phawar competition was held at the Syiem Sohra office hall in Cherrapunji

WASH campaign and in Plasha, Ri-Bhoi, the school children are our front runners to help carry out the message across their communities

NESFAS organised the first ever Mei-Ramew ‘Phawar Competition’ that was held in Good Shepherd School, Jongksha,East Khasi Hills

Agrobiodiversity Walk with the students of Nohron Presbyterian UP School

Agrobiodiversity walk was also held in Laitsohpliah, East Khasi Hills, where students of the department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems, Martin Luther Christian University, participated along with the local  community youth

Through our school garden programmes, we have started the “Grow My Crop Competition”. NESFAS have officially launched this campaign with Khliehumstem Presbyterian School, Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya

The Highland Crew Adventurers’ continues with our campaign on Nutrition at Laitryngew Market, Sohra