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The 6th class started with a brief introduction to the dishes the boys were going to be cooking that day – Ja-ut (a local herb with a distinctly fresh aroma) mashed potatoes, potato chops, smoked pork veggie stew and flavoured dry fried beans. Dishes_11th Oct

The boys were assigned to different chores for class work including boiling potatoes, prep work, chopping vegetables and ensuring correct measurements of salt and seasoning.

Jaut potato chops and dry fry beansAssessing the boys’ performance in this latest class, Esther M Sawian, Dept. of Flavour Development, said, “It was a good effort on their part, although they tend to miss out some of the minute details while cooking. But then they are just kids. They will take their time to learn about things like jotting down notes. Apart from that, the boys were very attentive to other general instructions”, she said.

Esther, Rodrick and the Boys sit proud around the day's dish.

Esther, Rodrick and the Boys sit proud around the day’s dish.

Mr. Roderick Nongrum, a recent addition to the NESFAS in the Flavour Development Dept. who displays a deep passion for cooking and culinary arts, joined Esther in this session. For a first timer he was evidently excited. After all, who doesn’t like to share one’s kitchen ‘lab’ try-outs?

“It is great to be a part of something that allows the sharing of culinary knowledge and skills…” he said. In the class, Roderick demonstrated the cooking of flavoured dry fry beans “Today I did a simple dish, and I hope we’ll proceed step by step towards more complex recipes.”

Expressing what it feels like to have a companion to help conduct this initiative for the coming weeks, Esther said, “It good to be able to have different perspectives and someone else to share with in this small activity. We’ll have different kinds of recipes made in more varied styles; the same dish could be made in two different ways.”

Back inside the NESFAS premises, she jokingly reassured the interviewer who had teasingly quoted the proverb, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ by saying:

“It’s nice to have two cooks cooking together as long as we don’t bang heads with each other.”



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