Mukhap community wins indigenous cooking competition

The Society For Urban and Rural   Empowerment (SURE) in collaboration with NESFAS organised an indigenous cooking competition (Grand Finale) on December 17 at their head office in Jowai where four communities battled it out for the title. All government SOPs and safety measures were adhered throughout the day and events.

The cooking competition is part of the three-year Rural Electrification Corporation Foundation (REC)-funded project “No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative”. 

Before the finale, SURE hosted cooking competitions at several partner communities across Jaintia Hills as part of the nutrition campaign and to encourage community members to eat traditional and local food. The participants of the grand finale include community members from Mukhap, Khonglah, Cham  Cham, and Pynthor. These participants were asked to prepare different varieties of food which consisted of more than five food groups.

Local dish comprising of the 10 food groups displayed at the competition

LD Lakiang,   headman of   Ladthalaboh, Jowai, said, “I appreciate all the efforts and work that is happening across Jaintia Hills. The food cooked by the participants today is not only healthy but it is also very delicious and nutritious at the same time.” 

Pasqualina Lamare, Associate of SURE, said that the participants now have a clearer understanding and concept about how important consuming the five food groups are. 

Ieidasper Niang and Theijheimon Niang, from  Mukhap community, were declared as the winner of the cooking competition. The runners-up, Lenis  Lipon and Phida Dkhar, are both community members from Pynthor  Langtein. Yoona  Dkhar and Mil Dkhar , from Cham Cham community, were declared as the second runners-up of the competition. On the other hand, the consolation prize was awarded to Cathleen  Khyreim and Enrichetta   Liting from Khonglah community.

A participant taking part in the cooking competition

Aitilut Kyndait, who was one of the judges at the competition said, “This food is not only delicious but at the same time, it was cooked wonderfully by the participants. It is a great way to promote traditional food through such initiatives.”

On the other hand, the SURE team also organised a pre-Christmas celebration at the organisation headquarters at the same time.



Damica M Mawlong
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