NESFAS takes active steps to combat COVID-19 in local communities

NESFAS is reaching out to different communities within Meghalaya and Nagaland to spread awareness and to positively encourage community members to consider the COVID-19 vaccination.

NESFAS, in collaboration with Society for Urban and Rural Empowerment (SURE) and Shillong Service Centre (SSC) Shillong Archiodiese, North East Network (NEN) Nagaland, is also taking an initiative by activating all networks especially in the 130 partner communities in the rural areas, with the aim that this will create a ripple effect to the neighboring villages as well so that our local communities are not left behind.

As part of the preparedness strategy, the team is presently conducting online training for community volunteers and frontline workers like the ASHAs, AWWs, COVID-19 committee, to initiate medical and home SOPs at the village level, vaccination drive, immunity-boosting through diets and nutrition, basic life-saving skills and more. The communities are also setting up COVID-19 centre/ quarantine in their villages to stay ahead of the worst situation that may arise. Collaborations with local PHCs and Doctors are also ongoing.

On another note, the Gurudawara- Sri Guru Singh Sabha Shillong will also be supporting emergency access of the ‘Oxygen Langar’ or oxygen cylinders to the community members in this time of need if required.

NESFAS Executive Director, Pius Ranee shared, ‘Through this initiative, we aim to motivate and give positive hopes to one and all to take a step forward and consider taking the vaccine for prevention. We are also spreading awareness by working with various communities of Meghalaya and Nagaland to reach out to rural areas especially those who are vulnerable or marginalised like the elderly, the poor, people who are unwell and specially-abled.“



Bajanai Diengdoh
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