Tastes and Flavours Network

Tastes and Flavours Network is an initiative by NESFAS that aims to connect people to the pleasure and importance of eating local food. Apart from trained in-house chefs, NESFAS looks to work together with professional chefs and local cooks to come up with dishes that glamourise local ingredients or recipes that, in essence, give local dishes makeovers to give them a fighting chance against the fast foods which are alarmingly growing in popularity.

This network focuses on indigenous ingredients, Ark of taste products and local recipes and experiments with them to develop dishes that can compete with fast food equivalents. Not only that, the network also attempts to find out nutritive values of the ingredients they use along with understanding their unique characteristics.

For example, the millet pancake and millet crepe, two of the dishes that NESFAS took to many food fests, became very popular where indigenous dishes made with millet are mostly not as well liked.

These recipes not only use underutilised ingredients but also are tasty enough to replace unhealthy snacks.

The network attempts to showcase recipes which are the modern take on the locally available indigenous ingredients, vegetables, and resources.

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