PGS members conduct Berkeley compositing training in Mawkma

PGS members in action at the berkeley composting

Four members from different Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) under Mawkma community attended a one-day Berkeley composting workshop hosted by NESFAS along with members of partner NGO Social Urban and Rural Empowerment (SURE) in Mawmihthied last month.
After attending the workshop, in the month of August, the four members held another workshop for the community members of Mawkma wherein they demonstrated what was taught to them in Mawmihthied.

The four members — Kliancy Nongkynrih (46), Dariphika Khongwar (44), Traiolin Thongni (48) and Bromi Nongrum (36) — who attended the workshop said they wanted to implement what was taught to them immediately as most of the farmers are always facing shortage of manure. Therefore, they took the matter into their own hands and conducted a workshop themselves to see and implement the teachings on other community members at the earliest. The trial period is of 18 days.

Barisha Khyriem , Mawkma’s community facilitator, said, “After four days, I will follow up on the composting and will also keep note on how it turns out after the 18-day period. If the community members see the effectiveness of this composting at the end of the first trial then we will definitely organize a training for other members as well so that everyone will benefit from it.”

Nongkynrih said, “The training that was held last month was successful. The mixture turned out to be just as we had hoped after the 18-day period.” Besides that, it also required a lesser number of days to complete the composting period than anticipated.
As a result, the four members along with Barisha have decided to host another training to teach other PGS members on how to create a Berkeley compost in their area. “We will also include other youths in this workshop so that they will also learn this method of doing composting,” the CF said.



Damica M Mawlong
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