Potato Cheese Balls and Chives (Jaut) recipe


10 boiled potatos that have been mashed.

Grated Cheese- 100 gm

Tamirand Sauce(as per taste)

Chives (Jaut)- 100 gm

Spring onions- 50 gm

Chillies -20 gm

Salt (to taste)


Ginger paste



Mix the mashed potato with grated cheese and keep it aside.

Chop chives (Jaut) and other preferable wild edibles

Chop onions and chillies



Heat oil in a wok and then fry spring onions and chillies until golden brown

Add all the wild edibles when cooked and add the tamirand sauce as per taste

Make a ball out of the potato cheese mash and flatten it to prep it for stuffing. Then stuff it with the wild edibles. Repeat this step.



Coat the stuffed balls first with flour followed by beaten egg then coat it in bread crumbs

Then fry it in the oil until light brown to make sure it is not over coated



First extract the pulp of tamirand

Then boil the palm sugar/ jaggery until one thread consistency

Add tamirand pulp and boil until it thickens

*The Sauce can be used for stuffing and also for potato cheese balls.


(Recipe contributed by Chenxiang R Marak (Associate at NESFAS)




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