Tea with Friends of NESFAS

NESFAS was happy to bring together friends from esteemed positions who have over the time advised and mentored the development of the organization. They included the Board members of NESFAS and teachers, government officials, media heads and other professionals whose work influences the local social thought. The programme was chaired by Mr. Rathindra Roy, renowned facilitator of learning, strategic thinking and change.


Guest Moderator and NESFAS Advisor: Rathindra Roy Photo: NESFAS/Raisa Daimary

Mr. Roy’s opening speech enlightened the audience to the about the work that NESFAS has been doing over the last three years and the team’s preparation for ITM 2015.

Mr. Phrang Roy, Chairman, NESFAS, who was also present, urged the group present to relay their views and ideas in relation to NESFAS’s work so as to help NESFAS function better as an organization that tries to provide a platform for Indigenous Communities in their journey towards preserving and promoting agrobiodiversity.

The programme started off with an opening presentation on the various sessions that will take up most of the first three days of the Indigenous Terra Madre 2015.

The following session consisted of a reflection and review by the NESFAS team on its various activities. The joint presentation by NESFAS Associates Phidarilin Uriah, Janak Preet Singh, Pius Ranee and Kegitar Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi, shed light on what has NESFAS done well so far, things that can be improved upon and the guidelines for the future. Food and Flavour came out as strong points for the areas where NESFAS did well. Holistic planning and communication was pointed out as the areas where improvement is required so as to better bridge the gap between plate-people-potential. The importance of testing an idea and creating change was also presented by the associates. A strategic outlining of the connection between Food-ways, Landscape and Culture, the three main focus areas for NESFAS and the basis for the organizations various activities was also shared by them. The presentation concluded with the team’s projection for the future with ideas for required fields for better like Research, more focus on livelihood, and so on.


– Food policies to be discussed and to be lead by the community people themselves. – Mrs. James
– Matriarchy and nutrition as a very exciting topic to be discussed during the ITM 2015. – Mr. Allan Wahlang
– NESFAS still believes in our mission or it has changed in these 2 years – And it came out clearly that it stays the same.
– People are waiting for small stories to be publish in the newspaper that will lead to the ITM 2015. – Patricia Mukhim
– The use of correct Khasi terms and requirement for proper research. – Dr AK Nongkynrih.
– Waste Management In ITM 2015. – Bethany Society
– Further focus on land issues.



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